Connect once.
Scale to many.

App Xchange is the preeminent integration platform for connecting and scaling with trusted, high-performance construction technology solutions.

Connect & Scale with
World-Class Solutions.|Top-Rated Support.|Dedicated Experts.|Confidence.

Attract Customers

Attract & Retain More Customers

Customers expect data to move seamlessly between tools in their tech stack. App Xchange makes it possible for developers to connect to other leading systems across the AEC industry and automate the flow of data.


Stay Focused on Your Best Product

App Xchange is the best integration expert on your dev team. Let your engineers stay focused on building better features for your customers while we make sure your tools are at the center of the action.


Conquer Your Last Mile

Data Xchange has already impacted $10B in construction volume, and our partners aren’t slowing down. Conquer the last mile with ease by connecting to top construction tech tools on our platform.

Few Button Clicks

Integrate Your Tools with a Few Button Clicks

Connect your system to App Xchange with a few button clicks. Our low-code flow tools make it easy to pick up triggers, map data, and send actions.

Customer Support

Support Your Customers Confidently

Easily onboard, view, monitor, and support your customers and integrations. See data flow from one system to another and remediate any issues that might occur.

No Risk

Let the Platform Mitigate Risks for You

App Xchange actively monitors data flow, detects any problems, and proactively fixes issues before your customers even know they occurred.

Trusted Industry Leaders Trust App Xchange

  • Data Xchange Partner: Emburse Chrome River
  • Data Xchange Partner: BambooHR
  • Data Xchange Partner: Followup CRM
  • Data Xchange Partner: Flashtract
  • Data Xchange Partner: QuoteToMe
  • Data Xchange Partner: BuildOps
  • Data Xchange Partner: InEight
  • Data Xchange Partner: Manufacton
  • Data Xchange Partner: Raken
  • Data Xchange Partner: myCOI
  • Data Xchange Partner: Procore
  • Data Xchange Partner: eSUB
  • Data Xchange Partner: JobTarget
  • Data Xchange Partner: ProjectSight CDX
  • Data Xchange Partner: SAP Concur
  • Data Xchange Partner: Gauge Telematics
  • Data Xchange Partner: Tenna
  • Data Xchange Partner: ServiceTitan
  • Data Xchange Partner: ClockShark
  • Data Xchange Partner: Kojo
  • Data Xchange Partner: SAP Concur
  • Data Xchange Partner: Clearstory
  • Data Xchange Partner: PINS
  • Data Xchange Partner: ProjectSight
  • Data Xchange Partner: Hilti

Tools for Success

App Xchange provides everything you need to produce scalable integrations between your System and other leading Systems in the construction industry. Connecting your system to App Xchange means that:

  • You only need to know your system.
  • You only have to utilize your data model.
  • You can focus on the data your customers need.
  • You can send/receive data with any target system.

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Publish, Sell, Repeat

App Xchange serves as your integration publishing platform and provides direct access to the Data Xchange Integration Marketplace - the fastest-growing integration marketplace in construction technology. Once your system is connected.

App Xchange makes it easy to design new dataflows and launch new integration products with other connected systems. This is the very essence of #connectandscale at Trimble.


The What and How of App Xchange

What is it? How does it work?
Low-Code Construction iPaaS Our integration platform provides every tool you need to connect to any other system on the network, design the data flow, and easily maintain all your integrations at scale. Connect once. Scale to many.
Construction App Marketplace Publish your integrations on the Data Xchange App Marketplace to make it easy for your customers and prospects to find you and learn more about how your technology improves their business.
Sales, Marketing, Customer Success Strategic partners get direct access to a dedicated integration product leader, sales engineering support, marketing support, and customer success experts - all to make sure your launch is successful, your integrations work as expected, and your customers get the ROI they deserve.

What to Expect During the Launch Process

Kick Off

Kick Off

During kick-off, you’ll be asked to provide a demo, co-design an integration profile, and assist with connectivity.


MVP Workshop

You'll be assigned a dedicated product leader to help you define the MVP, identify blockers, outline the end-user experience, and develop a beta-user program.

Alpha Build

Alpha Build

This is where product development is in full-swing, marketing materials are in process, and the customer onboarding process is defined.

Beta Release

Beta Release

At this point, Beta customers are fully activated, we’re actively gathering UX feedback, we’re building testimonials, and launching a marketing campaign.

General Available

General Availability

This is our grand coming out party! Time to market, sell, and onboard new customers. Execution will be handled by the sales and CS teams.

Talk with Sales